May 06, 2021

RPAI together with chatbots

Conversational AI makes it possible to talk to the chatbots as it acts as a bridge between the human and the bots and lets human ask questions and get answers in a more natural way. It is a set of technologies allowing computers to understand human language. The main technology behind this is of course AI...

Conversational AI uses natural language processing techniques to respond back and can even anticipate something that has not been asked yet. It can be also manifested in many different ways, but using chatbots, mostly via the companies' webpages soared lately since people really like to engage with AI in a more human likely way. We tend to interact with AI instead of filling out forms or searching the information ourselves, even the information can be found in a company's website.

Now consider integrating chatbots with RPA and AI. Think about putting an intent to a chatbot, which in its turn can pass this to an RPA bot, that performs an action based on the intent. There are numerous scenarios, where this kind of approach can be relevant. You can check your order status, post data to your CRM system, book a service for your car, upload an ID to verify yourself to your bank... These are just a few of them. With a chatbot at the core, it is as simple to automate conversations between people and robots as it is to automate any other processes. By connecting some cognitive services, like translation into the solution, the language barrier can be removed easily. We have even discussed this earlier, when talking about email classification in an earlier blog entry. Especially for the contact centre agents, the chatbots working in conjunction with the RPA bots can take a huge load from them by taking care of customer requests performing some automations behind the scenes. Any chat then can also be forwarded to the live agents if the chatbots think that the customer is not satisfied with the provided answers anymore by using sentiment analysis constantly during the chats. When the agent is then forwarded to, he/she can also see the whole history of the chat so that unnecessary questions to the customers, like their contact details, what kind of help they need, etc can fully be skipped not to annoy the customer.

One interesting scenario I tested was to let a chatbot (from Druid) trigger an RPA bot so that it can get the answer of the question from another bot. So I let three bots communicate with each other, which I found it pretty interesting 😀. Let me describe this below:

Since I have heard the name of GPT-3 (You can read more about it in the Open AI blog, here.), I got really excited as I see this one step closer to AGI, Artificial General Intelligence. I will not talk about it as you can read yourself and find more information about it. If you are really interested in the topic, and want to dive deeper, you can even read this document. I joined the waitlist to get an API so that I can test it and got my API key, a couple of weeks back. One of the best days ever...😂 

Testing it via Open AI playground and seeing the answers I was receiving blew my mind !!! When you enter a text like: "Once upon a time there was a girl...", the algorithm completes it with this:

"who loved to read.

She was a child who loved books so much, she would read in the car.

In the cinema.

At the dinner table.

In the bath.

She would take a book and read it everywhere.

She would read during school."

It can also answer questions like: "What is RPA ?" , "How do you say "Good morning" in Swedish" or in "Turkish" and even interacts with you in any language you want. (To be honest, I have not tested all the languages yet.) And a question like: "Quel est le couleur du ciel?" in French is returned with "bleu." I have also integrated it to my Teams channel so that I can chat via Teams. 

Have a look at this:

As you can see above, I can ask my questions in different languages and in any topics. If this is not mind-blowing, then what is ?

In the video below, you can also see how I am interacting with it via the Druid portal. Please check as well how the answer to the question: "What is RPA ?" differs between the different sessions, like the above Teams chat session and the Druid chatbot session.

Hope you also share the joy I have got while building this. If interested, I can also share the details in another blog entry. I would really appreciate to get some feedbacks from you...

Take care and stay healthy !

See you next time...

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